Thursday, August 8, 2013

ToXic Kristin

It really is no secret how big of a fan I am of Kristin@toxicdesirez. I just LOVE her punk'd out kits. I had the idea to make a ToXic tube many weeks ago, and after completing the black swan set, I decided Kristin's would be next. So, with that being said, ToXic Kristin is the freebie of the month for August. She was made to be complimented by Kristin's outstanding kits,so head on over to toxicdesirez and purchase one of Kristin's amazing kits, You won't be sorry! 
ToXic Kristin is FTU with © attached, just please don't share her, or re-upload as your own.


  1. Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing.

  2. ♥ Amazing WOW I love her
    again you have done a great wonderful job !!!
    thank you so much ♥

  3. really love this tube thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you LQueen♥ I am thrilled that you girls like her.