Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Black Swan tag

My good friend Caro has struck again. I received this beauty in my email this afternoon. When I went to her blog, I seen that she had commented that this was her first time using a template! Couldn't tell by looking at it. Good job Caro, You owned this tag! Thank you so much♥


  1. yes it is .. and it's your fault that I have now done it yet .. grin
    Thank you so much dear Jere
    i'm so glad and happy that you like it !!!
    Thank you so much for your brilliant Poser work ♥ I love her !!!

  2. Thank you Caro! We both win,because I Love your new tag with her!
    You are amazing ♥ Thank you for brightening my days!

    1. you always make me speechless the first moment
      course with joy !!! :-)
      YOU are amazing !!!
      Thank you so much Jere, for your very kind words ♥
      you sunshine !!!