Sunday, August 24, 2014

Award: Designers that inspire me

Hello everyone! It is Sunday night, around about 7PM and I am bidding farewell to another week-end gone too soon. Seems now-a-days time flies..Summer has passed me by like a warm breeze and sadly enough, the cruel and bone biting winter will arrive and last too long.. 

I am here this evening to pass along an award. An award that was handed down to me by Kaci at Scrappin Krazy Designs. I am so honored to receive this one, "Designers that inspire" to me is at the top of the list as far as Honor is concerned. It is a little ironic that knowing I inspire others, inspires me to keep going, to push a little harder, and to keep going when I feel I am at the end. Thank you so much, Kaci. This means SO, So So much to me <3

So, now it is my turn to pass the award on. Who else is more deserving than my CT?
You girls pass along ideas, express what you would like to see, make amazing snags, tags, kits, templates and etc. You all inspire me more than you could ever know! So, here are the recipients of my "Designers that inspire" award:

So enjoy your award ladies, and pass it forward <3

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Geek Girl-FOTM/TOTM August 2014

Imagine if you will, a scenario that became my reality yesterday...Alarm went off at 6:00Am. Typical morning, I suppose, rushed around making sure T had his breakfast, back pack and meds before sending him out the door.
I came back to my room, started a render that I was going to release last night and sat down to catch the Andy Griffith show. Next thing I know, it is 12:30Pm, I had fallen asleep for 4 hours!
I jumped up and ran around the house like a crazy person, running as I pulled up my jeans, grabbing files and car keys and hit the door,
We made it in time to the appointment, but my heart  was still pounding! Close call! So, doing paperwork now...the date...what is the date??? I look up to the reception desk and the date hit me like a ton of bricks...THE 15TH! OMFG! It is THE 15TH!!! The FOTM day, The 15TH! My heart jumps into my throat as I realized I hadn't even finished the FOTM, let alone posted it.
All the way through the appointment I was in a panic! I didn't know how I was gonna fix this!! I was both relieved and dreadful as the appointment came to an end and we headed home. Then, it happened, a car accident ahead of us had traffic backed up for 2 or more miles. I admit at this point I am cursing..
Finally, we are really close to home and I hear the loud familiar sound....A TRAIN...why not? I mean, this day so far has been a nightmare what is an extra 10 minutes sitting on the other side of the train tracks? 
I finally make it home, run to my room, and look at my blank screen...too early for Halloween, so I am thinking back to school. I was thinking this was the idea, but had to come up with something that hasn't been done yet and EVERY group I am involved in has a million and 1 back to school tubes...A cheerleader! That's it!!! Have yet to see one cheerleader! So I quickly mapped her out and sent  her rendering...3 hours later she was finished and I started my postwork.. I finished the post work, zipped her and came  to blogger!
I had made an excellent save...a little late, but was so proud of myself that I was actually able to pull it offf and get her out on the 15th like always...
OMG then I saw my bestie buddy Kaci's release for the same day (She had posted hers 9 hours previous)
to my rushing into blogger to post my FOTM Cheerleader...It was a CHEERLEADER! At this point all I could do was giggle at the irony of it all. It was one hundred percent a total coincidence. We had not spoke about what would be released, or when they would be released. Considering I had just grabbed the idea of a cheerleader 5 hours earlier, I hadn't told anyone because I just thought of it and ran with it.
So, We had a good laugh about it and marvelled at the irony and I started a new tube for you all. I figure, I am a total for the way I handled the horrid day yesterday, so I decided to make you guys a "Geek Girl" .
Yep, schools back in and I am sure there are a few sexy geek girls out there. I hope you enjoyed the story of my day from hell and I hope you got a giggle out of hearing it. Until next month....