Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FOTM-July-Autism Awareness

As many of you know, June was a rough month for my family.
My youngest son Tristin, who was diagnosed with Asperger's (A form of Autism) in 2006, went from high functioning to low functioning over night.
Our household has been turned upside down. Between the sleep schedules (Someone has to be awake at all times to watch over him due to the sleep walking, and the desire just to walk out the door and go on adventures without the slightest inclination of danger) and the doctors appointments, therapy, medications and trying to run a household financially, it has been a very hard time. 
Tristin's medication alone is running me around 1250. a month, then throw in the therapy, doctors appointments and etc, I am up to 2000.00 bux a month. I have applied for disability for him, which would take about 730.00 a month off of that, but, looking at 120 days before we know anything.
I have started an Autism Awareness Collab group on facebook to help me with these costs, and if there is any way that you could donate a kit, tube, template, word art etc, I would be eternally grateful. Also, anyone who donates, gets the entire collab for free.  So, if you can join us, the addy is : https://www.facebook.com/groups/TristinsAutismAwarenessScrapCollab/

AND now, the FOTM, which of course is Autism Awareness.  I hope that you like it, and can find use for it...I really think we need to spread awareness on the myths and truths of this illness that is stealing our children and their personalities. 

It can be downloaded At my store

So, I hope to see you in the group!!