Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello everyone! I have a new tube for you today, lil miss Kaci was designed for SKDS_NeonHalloween by Kaci @ Shining Star Art
My normal TOU's apply. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Masquerade Showcase

Such a nice surprise to log into blogger and find such an awesome set from littlebat caro today! She rocked this set! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thank you so much Caro!

Kiss This

My apologies to everyone....this month has been full of deadlines for me. Deadlines that I fell through on and disappointments. I am so far behind it will likely take me months to catch up...But, here is a tube for you. This idea for this tube came about well over a month ago when a good friend of mine was going through the drama we all come across while doing our psp thing.  My tube was made, and post work production was underway when she posted a template. I swear she reads my mind sometimes...Here is the template by Cakes. I absolutely hate when my really good friends get punked around in this art. Pisses me off to the point where I want to quit. Anyway, this is the reflection of this newbie "Kiss This" Free to use with my standard TOU. Enjoy!

                                   Download "Kiss This"

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Good morning Lovelies! Are you ready for sweaters and bonfires yet? Fall is among us! Today is September 15, so, it is our monthly freebie day. With Halloween approaching us in the next 6 weeks, I decided to hand out a Halloween themed tube of sorts. When I was a kid, Masquerade parties were always my favorite Halloween staple. I am still a mystery fan to this day. 

I have quite a few tubes in the works right now including a Breast Cancer Awareness, a few Vampiress', a witch or two, and a few that I have been working on to match Cakesy's templates. So, Keep your eyes peeled, this next month will be full of freebies!

So, without further ado, meet my newest, Miss Morbid Masquerade. I hope you like her, and can incorporate her into a tag or two. She is, of course, FTU with my © attached and standard TOU, please, no sharing, or re-uploading, claiming as your own! Enjoy!

Download Masquerade HERE

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A huge surprise!

So, I was having one of my usual horrible Sundays, full of deadlines on school papers, bickering between the boys, chores like laundry, dishes, cleaning, BLAH! I signed in to FB just for a moment to break the horrible HORRIBLE cycle of my day, and I get this from Cakesy Boo ! I cannot express how this gorgeous colorful tag made my evening so much better! Thank you so much Cakes <3 You have no idea how much this tag helped me tonight.