Friday, October 17, 2014

Freebie of the month-October

Hi everyone! Running a bit late on the freebie of the month. I was talking with one of my friends the other night and we were talking about one of the first images I had created 3 years ago called "WildFyre". Have you seen this image? I will show you, but, there won't be any discussing how bad I was at it and asking why I didn't just give up and find a new hobby. (Just Kidding) But, it really was THAT bad!

So, I thought it would be really neat to revamp this image for the FOTM for October..I wanted to compare the two and see how much I have grown and learned over the past 3 years. So, that is exactly what I have done.  Here is my revamped "WildFyre"

So, let's do some comparison...In the top image, the first noticeable mistake is the lighting. The image is flat, boring, and has a white halo around the entire tube. HORRIBLE horrible horrible work. Those of you artists out there that skip out on your lighting, I hope you can see how important lighting is the MOST important element in your scene. Take some time to play with different lights and experiment with the setup. It will totally change the entire scene.

The second noticeable mistake is the crazy! Can't believe I didn't notice this in the first image.
Basically I can probably find 20 or so mistakes in that first image. I have come a LOOOOng way, and I know three years from now I will be writing a post for the freebie of the month, and, I will be talking about all the mistakes in "FireFall" I believe we never quit growing when it comes to art and writing. There is so much out there to learn. We never really max our potential out.

So, I hope you enjoy using this image as much as I enjoyed making it and can find some use for her in your private library. 

Until next month,