Sunday, August 24, 2014

Award: Designers that inspire me

Hello everyone! It is Sunday night, around about 7PM and I am bidding farewell to another week-end gone too soon. Seems now-a-days time flies..Summer has passed me by like a warm breeze and sadly enough, the cruel and bone biting winter will arrive and last too long.. 

I am here this evening to pass along an award. An award that was handed down to me by Kaci at Scrappin Krazy Designs. I am so honored to receive this one, "Designers that inspire" to me is at the top of the list as far as Honor is concerned. It is a little ironic that knowing I inspire others, inspires me to keep going, to push a little harder, and to keep going when I feel I am at the end. Thank you so much, Kaci. This means SO, So So much to me <3

So, now it is my turn to pass the award on. Who else is more deserving than my CT?
You girls pass along ideas, express what you would like to see, make amazing snags, tags, kits, templates and etc. You all inspire me more than you could ever know! So, here are the recipients of my "Designers that inspire" award:

So enjoy your award ladies, and pass it forward <3


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  2. I thank you so much Jere,
    the Award is returned to you ;)
    for your wonderful works, love them all !!
    TYSM ♥
    Please take it from my blog.
    Hugs Caro