Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summers End

I am always so sad at this time of year. I hate to see the summer go. I love spring and fall, but, there is just something that makes summer's end sad for me. I decided to wrap summer up and make a tube reflecting one last hoorah for summer. This is Summers end. She is FTU with © attached, and my general TOU, No sharing or re-uploading as your own. Full size and close up in PSD format. Enjoy!!


  1. Luckily we still have a month Summer !!!
    We want to enjoy it and not think of the fall ;-)
    thanks you so much beautiful Poser falling also not hard :-D
    ♥ you're amazing Jere !!!
    her is an enchanting beauty ♥
    I love them, thank you so much !!! ♥

  2. Thank you Caro! You inspire me! I have a second part to this coming soon!