Friday, July 26, 2013

The Misfit twins tag showcase

Another GREAT animation by Caro@Littlebat-caro-design.
Amazing as always, Caro!! Thank you so much! 

These amazing animated beauties came from my dear friend
These are great, Caro! You are amazing! Thank you so much for lifting my spirits and motivating me! I absolutely LOVE these! Thank you so much! <3

Antonia@Tags By Antonia created this very pretty tag using My Purity of the misfit twins tube. Good job Antonia! Keep 'em coming, your tags and comments keep me inspired and motivated. Thank you so much, Antonia <3

Marilyn tag showcase

Antonia@Tags by Antonia created this awesome tag using My new Marilyn tube. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Antonia, you always seem to brighten my FB page. Thank you so much for all that you do, YOU are appreciated! <3

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brooke tag showcase

Caro@littlebat-caro-design created this animated beauty using my Brooke tube.  Good job Caro, Love the animation! Thank you so much! <3


I am so sorry that I couldn't get this out to you last night, like I told you on FB I would. I got to feeling really bad (Physically) and suspect that I had/have food poisoning. Still not feeling 100%, but really wanted to get this out today. 
So, here is Marilyn. She is available in two different skin tones, one being the original Marilyn porcelain/pale.
She is free to use with © attached. You may link to this post, just please no sharing, or redistributing as your own.

I owe a few of you many many tags, so, here is one to start playing catch up. "Lady Vintage" template by Cakes@taggitude


At the time I am writing this, Mediafire is down,and I am temporarily using 4Shared. PLEASE let me know in the comments section if you were successful in downloading Marilyn, as I have had serious issues with 4Shared in the past. Thank you!

                          Download Marilyn HERE

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alluciana, inspired by Chichi Designz Goth kits

Meet Alluciana. She is the new kid in town that I was telling you about last week. She was created for my good friend Chichi's dark gothic kits. Have you ever seen them? You have to go take a look! BEAUTIFUL! See Chichi's kits here. I was reading on facebook just a few minutes ago that she had hurt her back pretty bad, so ya'all go give her lot sa love and tell her that I sent you <3

Alluciana won't be my last Goth girl. I love making the pretty pretty girly girls, but, goth girls will always be my REAL love! So, keep your eyes peeled, I have a "Black Swan" Ballet girl in the works.

Anyway, she is FTU with © attached. You may link to this post, use in tutorials, or promote, Just please, no sharing or re-packaging and claiming as your own.


Monday, July 15, 2013


Today is the 15th, and you know what that means! The new monthly freebie release. I had planned to hand out a nice gothic tube to match Chichi's dark kits, but, things have been crazy around here and after a couple of weeks, She is still only about half done. Maybe next month...OR if I can get her finished sooner, I will just bring it in and drop it off whether it is the 15th or not. Anyway, here is Brooke. I hope you guys can use her, I'm not particularly happy with her, but, I gotta move on ...oh well! Hope you like her!

As always, free to use with © attached.