Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alluciana, inspired by Chichi Designz Goth kits

Meet Alluciana. She is the new kid in town that I was telling you about last week. She was created for my good friend Chichi's dark gothic kits. Have you ever seen them? You have to go take a look! BEAUTIFUL! See Chichi's kits here. I was reading on facebook just a few minutes ago that she had hurt her back pretty bad, so ya'all go give her lot sa love and tell her that I sent you <3

Alluciana won't be my last Goth girl. I love making the pretty pretty girly girls, but, goth girls will always be my REAL love! So, keep your eyes peeled, I have a "Black Swan" Ballet girl in the works.

Anyway, she is FTU with © attached. You may link to this post, use in tutorials, or promote, Just please, no sharing or re-packaging and claiming as your own.