Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I am so sorry that I couldn't get this out to you last night, like I told you on FB I would. I got to feeling really bad (Physically) and suspect that I had/have food poisoning. Still not feeling 100%, but really wanted to get this out today. 
So, here is Marilyn. She is available in two different skin tones, one being the original Marilyn porcelain/pale.
She is free to use with © attached. You may link to this post, just please no sharing, or redistributing as your own.

I owe a few of you many many tags, so, here is one to start playing catch up. "Lady Vintage" template by Cakes@taggitude


At the time I am writing this, Mediafire is down,and I am temporarily using 4Shared. PLEASE let me know in the comments section if you were successful in downloading Marilyn, as I have had serious issues with 4Shared in the past. Thank you!

                          Download Marilyn HERE


  1. Thank you so much Hun!! Love it!! <3

  2. That nice thank you very much for sharing this.

  3. Nope couldn't get this one unless I wanted to wait 1000 sec to get it and disable my ad block for a faster time and didn't want to disable anything but would love to get this one.
    Thank you and have a great day.