Friday, June 14, 2013

QOD: What is a tube?

I am getting this question a lot, so, I thought I would address it here, so that everyone that has asked will be answered, plus future questions on the subject. A "Tube" is simply an image with a transparent .png background, although I usually (99%of the time) use .psd format. 

I am using Corel paintshop pro x5. It is the one program I upgrade EVERY chance I get as it is my life's blood when it comes to my work. Any version of paint shop pro will work, as I have never seen the layers property box placed anywhere else in the program.

When you open Corel, this is what you will see, note your layer panel on the right...

When you open the tube, this will be your view:

When you wish to copy your tube onto another image, turn the little eyes off on the background AND the © layers, and highlight your tube (Just click on it) leaving your tube as the only active layer. Your workspace will look like this:

Now just go to your top tool bar, click > edit> copy> copy merged.

Now all that is left is to paste it to the image you want to use. Open that image and click > edit > Paste as new layer.

I hope this has helped out. I apologize that I took it for granted that every one that viewed this blog would have the basic paint shop pro knowledge associated with making tags. 

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