Monday, June 17, 2013

A time for "Thank You's"

I wanted to take the time out and say "thank you" to my most loyal people. Antonia, Thank you for making me smile nearly every day. I look forward to seeing my FB every morning to see what you have come up with. Ruby, Thank you for supporting me and having my back when I feel that the psp world has turned it's back on me. Cakes, Thank you for your awesome templates, and allowing free use of them. AND, finally, Janelle, Thank you for fighting for our lives in the midst of your darkest days, You are truly an angel!

1 comment:

  1. you're very welcome again, m'dear! and doubly welcome for the snags. your new poser just happened to fit perfectly with the colors in that kit i was CTing :) (plus i am sort of a daddy's girl myself--see FB profile pic, lol. tho i should take a new pic w Dad, since i've lost all this weight!)

    anyway, talk again soon and you're welcome again! <3