Saturday, May 23, 2015

June FOTM: Alexandrite

Okay, so, I owe you big apologies. I once again forgot to post the FOTM. I admit it, I am getting bad about this. I guess the reason I forgot to post this one is because I spent many, many hours on the dress and when the entire tube was finished, I wasn't real happy with it and decided that I would give myself 24 hours to decide on whether or not to release her, and with everything else going on, I totally forgot. So, all my apologies on this over (under) sight.
As I stated above, I am really not happy with this one, but, I am releasing her in hopes that  someone will be able to find a use for her, but, if not, at least we will have a complete birthstone collection...

So, to wrap things up, here are some interesting facts about Alexandrite:

Alexandrite : A birthstone of June

As the title suggests Alexandrite gemstone is the birthstone of people born in June. It is named after the king Alexander II. It is an anniversary gift for 45 and 55th marriage anniversary. It looks green in color in daylight whereas dark purple in artificial light. Alexandrite was discovered in the late 19th century in Russia. These days it is difficult to find natural Alexandrite gemstones. Major varieties of Alexandrite Gemstones are found in heated or treated form. The major mines producing Alexandrite gemstone are located in Burma. 

Color change in Alexandrite

There are not many gemstones with a color changing property. Color changing quality of Alexandrite gemstone is very significant. The color actually changes from bluish green to purplish red. Alexandrite belongs to the Chrysoberyl family. Among all the members of Chrysoberyl family, Alexandrite is identified because of its color change property. The color change has to do with the spectrum theory. Blue green and purple red colors are equally transmitted and hence color changes according to daylight or artificial light. 

Discovery and Information of Alexandrite gemstone

Late in the 19th Century, Alexandrite gemstones were found in the Ural region of Russia. That was the only resource of Alexandrite and hence people started getting these stones from Russia. And hence it is a rare variety and thus an important and valuable gemstone. Later on mines were also found in various regions worldwide such as Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Brazil etc. According to recent analysis real Alexandrite is very difficult to find. The Russian Alexandrite gemstones are kept reserved in museums. Sometimes this gemstone is so highly priced that it becomes expensive then diamonds and sapphires.

There is a huge demand in Jewelry market since it is rarely available. Among the various jewelry items alexandrite rings are very special. Alexandrite gemstone is believed to boost the self-esteem of a person. In todays market, India ranks among top positions in production of Alexandrite gemstones, but USA is the largest market. 

You can download Alexandrite HERE

So, that's all I have for now. I will see you in a few weeks.


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation. I think she's quite stunning.

  2. She's beautiful!! Thanks so much!!

  3. So pretty ❤ thank you so much Jere