Monday, December 9, 2013


I recently did this commission for Amy Buhr. Amy told me what she wanted in the tube, and this is what I came up with for her. I like the way she turned out and apparently a lot of other people like her as well.I have never received so many messages about the release of a tube before. So, after discussing it with Amy, she has graciously decided to offer her up to you as a freebie. So, please remember to leave Amy some love if you download her . 


  1. ♥ a very big THANK YOU ♥ !!! ♥
    ♥ for your VERY great kindness ♥ !!! ♥
    ♥ she is so ADORABLE ♥ !!! ♥
    ♥ Hugs Caro ♥

  2. Amy thank you so much for sharing her with us.. She is a lovely tubes

  3. Thank you Amy for your generosity and thank you Jere for sharing your talent. Beautiful tube!

  4. Love it. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  5. This is beautiful!! Thanks so much, Amy and Jere, for sharing with us!!